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The calming effects of these 100% Pure Essential Oils are known to reduce stress and anxiety and help you focus on the things that matter most.

The Benefits
Create Mental Clarity
Reduce Nervous tension
Quiet the Mind
Increase Focus
Decrease Cortisol
Calm Essential Oil

You will these

Treat stress naturally and holistically with these calming, herbal remedies. Known for their soothing qualities for hundreds of years, these tried and true remedies are like taking a 1-hour yoga class, in minutes. Breathe in the calm, exhale the good vibes.

The Benefits
Hair Growth
Decrease Stress
Ease Stress
Memory Retention
Focus the Mind
Rosemary Essential Oil
The Benefits
Soothe Anxiety
Withstand Stress
Relax the Mind
Heal Scars
Lessen ADHD Symptoms
Vetiver Essential Oil
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