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Guest Stories

Krissy Jones
Skyting Yoga

“I diffuse lavender before bed or when I’m in the bath relaxing, and I diffuse this blend called Passion when I’m doing work and trying to focus. They’re so effective.”

Kaitlin P.

“CALMING. BEAUTIFUL. AMAZING! I love this diffuser! It is so nice and beautiful the ceramic cover is so elegant and chic.”

Thomas M.

“EXQUISITE. I absolutely LOVE the Helias Calm blend. I use it in my diffuser to relax after my work days, in the shower, and on my skin. I highly recommend this blend!”

Guest from Washington

“Must try! These oils are amazing. Lavender is my absolute favorite of the essential oils. Great in the diffuser. I also pair it with the jojoba carrier for body use. Big fan of this product, the selection is great and the ingredients are quality and pure!”

Lindsay Kellner
Mind Body Green

“Helias essential oils are 100 percent pure—that means no fillers. The eucalyptus, for example, is steam distilled from the leaves of Australian eucalyptus. Each oil comes with a dropper to ensure easy control (versus a rubber lip with a hole, which makes it easy to overuse essential oils), and the packaging sets it apart from other oils on the market.”

Emily J.

“DREAMY NIGHT'S SLEEP. So in love with the Sleep Essential Oil from Helias. They have nailed the most relaxing blend of fragrance, and it's now a part of my nightly routine - either in my diffuser or mixed with their Almond Oil for a nightly moisturizer. A definite must have!”

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