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Wild Orange

Essential Oil
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The sweet aroma of positivity and immunity. Our 100% Pure Wild Orange Essential Oil from Dominican Republic has a sweet and refreshing essence. Its aroma uplifts the mind, helps to activate energy and reboot your attitude. Wild Orange Oil is high in antioxidants that will boost your immune system. The refreshing scent of Wild Orange Oil is a great way to naturally deodorize and refresh the air.


Aroma: Sweet Citrus

Boost Mood
Calm Anxiety
Enhance Immunity
Remove Germs
Purify Air
Reduce Pain

Wild Orange


Our Wild Orange Oil has been cold-pressed from the rinds of oranges (Citrus sinensis) in the Dominican Republic.

Country of origin:
Dominican Republic
Derived by:
Cold Pressed
Ways to use Wild Orange Essential Oil
Have A Moment
Take A Shower
Cleanse and Purify

Have A Moment


Add 10 drops into your diffuser for an all-natural pick-me-up.

Amount : 10 Drops

Take A Shower


Try 3-4 drops to your morning shower and let the aromatic steam wake you up.

Amount : 3-4 Drops

Cleanse and Purify


Use 1-2 drops to your favorite carrier oil for skin. Use 7-10 drops to your household cleaner for a natural cleanse.

Amount : 1-2 Drops

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Team Tip

“Wild Orange has such great air-purifying abilities and is remarkable at cleaning sticky residues. Add a few drops to an all-purpose cleaner for an extra boost.” -Rob

“Add a few drops of Wild Orange to skin cleanser in the morning, it will leave your skin with a healthy, and a more even morning glow.” -Vini

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