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You probably know it as a musky, rich and earthy perfume, but did you know Patchouli Oil can actually rev up your sex life? Patchouli Oil stimulates the hormones that turn on your sex drive. Our 100% Pure Patchouli Essential Oil is from Indonesia.


Aroma: Rich Earthy

Increase Sex Drive
Stimulate Hormones
Relieve Depression
Soothe Inflammation
Eliminate Odor


Our Patchouli Oil has been steam distilled from Indonesian patchouli (pogostemon cablin) leaves to ensure the highest quality oil possible. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine uses Patchouli Oil as an antiseptic.

Country of origin:
Derived by:
Steam Distilled
Ways to use Patchouli Essential Oil
Set The Mood
Take A Shower

Set The Mood


Add 10 drops into your diffuser to get the mood going.

Amount : 10 Drops

Take A Shower


Try 4-6 drops in your shower for a sensual aromatic experience.

Amount : 4-6 Drops



Add 2 drops into one dropper full of any carrier oil and massage into dry skin.

Amount : 2 Drops

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Team Tip

“Patchouli Oil makes for a perfect an all-natural cologne, dab a few drops on your wrist and behind ears.” -Rob

“Patchouli Oil is ideal for very dry skin (even eczema), dilute it with almond oil and rub directly on dry skin.” -Vini

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