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Relaxation, improved memory, gorgeous hair - the many talents of  Rosemary. Our 100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil from Spain is a refreshing, herbaceous and sweet essential oil extracted from the rosemary plant via steam distillation which produces the highest quality oil you can find. It’s been used for centuries for its natural stress-reducing qualities in addition to its ability to help your mind focus, enhance learning and improve memory. Rosemary oil has properties that help stimulate hair growth and its unique antifungal properties are natural remedies for dandruff.


Aroma: Herbaceous Sweet

Benefits of ROSEMARY OIL
Hair Growth
Decrease Stress
Ease Stress
Memory Retention
Focus the Mind



Our Rosemary oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) is derived through steam distillation from fresh rosemary leaves of Spain.



Boosts mental activity and memory, relieves stress

Country of origin:
Derived by:
Steam Distilled
Ways to use Rosemary Essential Oil
Have A Moment
Improve Memory
Try In Shampoo

Have A Moment


Add 10 drops into a diffuser, breathe in and feel your senses relax.

Amount : 10 Drops

Improve Memory


Mix 3 drops of Rosemary oil with half a teaspoon of a carrier oil and rub into your neck and shoulders to clear a mental fog.

Amount : 3 Drops

Try In Shampoo


Add 1- 2 drops to your favorite shampoo to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair residue & buildup.

Amount : 1-2 Drops

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Team Tip

 “Rosemary Oil is a favorite for anything to do with hair. Mix 1 part Rosemary oil and 4 parts Jojoba oil and massage into scalp before bed for an overnight hair growth mask.” -Vini

“Add a few drops to your palms, rub together, cup my palms over my mouth and nose and take around 5 deep breaths to gain clarity and focus before any stressful event.” -Rob

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