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Indulge in a dreamy sleep.  Our 100% Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil from USA is characterized by a distinctive woodsy and earthy aroma. Cedarwood’s warm and grounding element is an excellent natural sedative. We love that Cedarwood calms the mind, encourages relaxation and promotes restorative, uninterrupted sleep. Cedarwood Oil has antibacterial properties found to revive your scalp, promote clear skin and even out your skin tone.

Aroma: Strong, Woody

Encourage Relaxation
Relieve Stress
Promote Sleep
Help Arthritis
Soothe Dry Scalp



Our Cedarwood Oil is extracted from wood pieces of USA Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana) through steam distillation which produces the highest quality oil you can find.



Calms the mind, relaxes naturally, sedative

Country of origin:
Derived by:
Steam Distilled
Ways to use Cedarwood Essential Oil
Sleep tight
Take a shower
Hit the spot

Sleep Tight


Add 10 drops into your diffuser before bed

Amount : 10 Drops

Take A Shower


Use 3-4 drops in a hot shower and let the aromatic steam seep into your skin and lull your mind

Amount : 3-4 Drops

Hit The Spot


Use 1-2 drops directly on a pimple as a great all-natural spot treatment

Amount : 1-2 Drops

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Team Tip


“When your face is feeling dull, dilute Cedarwood Oil with a carrier oil and apply to your face before bed to brighten things up.” -Vini

“Use it as an all-natural insect repellent by diluting several drops in a carrier oil and rub into your skin.” -Rob

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