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Meet your body's favorite healing oil - our 100% Pure Full Spectrum CBD Body Oil distilled from the Hemp Plant. We've combined the healing powers of hemp with our favorite essential oils for a powerful punch. Great for massages or topical spot treatment, your skin will drink up this therapeutic oil and then thank you for all of the healing properties of this oil.


Aroma: Woody Floral.

Benefits of CBD OIL
Pain Management
Reduce Scarring
Reduce Wrinkles
Heal Psoriasis
Reduce Stretch Marks
Aides Sunburn
Relieve Muscle Aches

Coconut Oil


Fractionated Coconut Oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) from USA, expressed from the fruit of coconut extremely moisturizing properties.



Treats scars and softens skin.



Myrrh Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrha )  is steam distilled from the gum of myrrh giving antiinflammatory properties.



Heals skin ailments, prevents hair loss



Sandalwood Essential Oil (Santalum album) is  steam distilled from the heart of the wood.


Helps with acne and wrinkle prevention



Hemp Oil (Cannabis sativa) is cold pressed.



Balances skin, unclogs facial pores, stimulates hair growth

Clary Sage


Clary Sage Essential Oil (Salvia sclarea) Our Clary Sage Oil is extracted by steam distillation from the buds and leaves of the clary sage plant of France.



Helps to even out facial oils, softens and smoothes hair



(Vanilla planifolia)  is extracted from finest vanilla beans in France.



Vitamins to keep skin youthful and acne-free



Magnolia Essential Oil (Magnolia x alba) is steam distilled from the flower. 



Anti inflammatory properties, soothes pain and tension

Country of origin:
USA USA Ethiopia East India USA France France China
Derived by:
Expressed from the fruit of coconut Steam Distilled Cold Pressed Steam Distilled Extracted from vanilla beans Steam Distilled
Ways to use CBD Body Oil

For Face


Use 4-6 drops on your face for silky clear skin.

Amount : 4-6 Drops

For Hair


Massage 1-2 droppers on your hair for thick, luscious hair.

Amount : 1-2 Droppers

For Body


Massage a small amount of oil on skin as needed for pain relief. Repeat as desired. DO NOT APPLY TO OPEN WOUNDS. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

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Team Tip


“The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD is an incredible relief for sunburnt skin. It helps reduce redness and assists with painful sting.” -Vini


“This oil is my go-to when I'm overdoing it at the gym, it helps relieve even the most extreme muscle soreness and helps recover quickly.” -Rob

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